St. Valentine’s Day roundup

Yes, it’s that time again, so Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. My V-Day evening plans include blogging and watching Lost. Good times.

But, this also gives me yet another opportunity to link to one of my favorite Valentine-related articles, My Privatized Valentine.

links to what is probably the best commentary to emerge from the recent “settling” piece by Lori Gottlieb.

Tyler Cowen also has thoughts on that piece, reveals what economists buy their wives for Valentine’s Day and reminds us that when V-Day is outlawed, only outlaws…

Julian reminds us that Snuggly the Security Bear and his fellow spies love us so much that they will violate our civil liberties to protect us!

Alina has the scoop on the history of Valentine’s Day and activities for the kids.

And in case all that wholesome goodness isn’t enough, the crazy kids at Pieces of Flair dug up a couple of gems that speak for themselves.

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