I briefly noted the possible political motivation behind the Siegelman prosecution back in September and it looks more and more as though that’s the case. According to an upcoming segment on 60 Minutes, Karl Rove specifically targeted Siegelman and orchestrated his prosecution. Read all about it here.

Again, I don’t have much to add. The current administration is corrupt and power-hungry, so tactics like this don’t surprise me. I’m not saying that Siegelman and Scrushy are angels by any means, but I hate to see anyone “made an example of” just because certain people can make it happen. Of course, with presidents as with most things, we get what we ask for, and if we expect the president to be some sort of man on a white horse, no one should be surprised when he bends the rules to try to attain that image. In that vein, read Gene Healy’s excellent piece on executive excess and buy his new book, The Cult of the Presidency, detailing the corrosive effect of presidential power and adulation on constitutional government.

Update: Radley has much more, including awfully suspicious “technical difficulties,” which prevented some folks in north Alabama from watching the 60 Minutes segment this past Sunday.

Update Update: Brian over at Flashpoint vehemently takes to task anyone who thinks that the technical difficulties could have been anything but. I’m certainly no conspiracy theorist and I try not to be fooled by randomness, fall for the post hoc/cum hoc or any other fallacy involving correlation and causation, but I do think that it’s within the realm of possibility that someone at the station didn’t want that story to air from their station at that time. Even knowing that the story will be widely available online, aired on other outlets and even on that same affiliate later in the week might not be enough to prevent someone with a dog in that fight from flipping a switch. Human beings act irrationally sometimes, especially when they’re carrying a grudge. Note, I am not saying that this is definitely what happened here; I’m just saying it’s possible.

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    You heard it hear first, people! Awesome, PintPundit. You are Woodward & Bernstein all rolled up in one bad ace ball of ace kickery.

    Rove is pretty much evil, that much is certain. So now, you may be next on his list. Lay low for a while…

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