For having the courage to stand up against one of the worst pieces of legislation/regulation ever to come out of DC: Real ID. I’ve blogged about Real ID before here and here, but the implementation deadline for state governments is drawing ever closer. Unless folks Rep. Ward and other state legislators are successful in their revolt against what amounts to a national id, every state must implement Real ID by May 2008. In an era when the Fourth Amendment is routinely trampled, I’m glad to see that some people are still willing to stand up for civil liberties and against the scaremongering that is quickly turning our nation into a police state. If you don’t want to see ours become a “your papers, please” society, contact your state legislator and urge him or her to support Rep. Ward’s measure opposing Real ID when he introduces it at the start of the next legislative session in March and while you’re at it, send Rep. Ward a thank you note.

This Tuscaloosa News article has the full scoop and includes some hedging by Shelby and Sessions (no surprises there) and a “golly, we’re gonna do what we’re told” statement from Gov. Riley.

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