The above eloquence brought to you by an esteemed member of the Alabama house who was opposing the Free the Hops bill to raise the alcohol by volume limit for beer sold in the state to 13.9 percent. He wanted to know what’s wrong with good ol’ Miller and Budweiser. Translation: I am totally clueless about this issue. Here’s the full video with some other choice clips from supporters and opponents of the gourmet beer bill:

Update on the alcohol tax issue coming up soon, btw.

12 Responses to ““It drink pretty good, don’t it?””  

  1. 1 quinn

    thanks for the video. wow. hillarious. if only we could have come to blows on the house floor over this issue. thats the only way this could have been better. (huntsville rep slaps jefferson county rep yelling “what’s wrong with milla?”)

  2. 2 Marty

    Did you hear about the new Alabama quarter? It’s 2 nickels and a dime duct-taped together!

    It blows my mind what politicians can waste our time and money on…

  3. 3 Carl Drega

    That guy at 5:55 is a real bulwark of liberty.

  4. 4 Xaq Fixx

    Great vid, we can get real beer (Finally!) in SC, but not on Sundays, cause that would be bad. Instead I have to drive almost 2 miles to buy beer in NC, the strong stuff, at the grocery store. Can’t by liquor there though, have to go to the state ran shop, which is closed on Sundays.

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