March Madness!

March Madness is upon us.

The tournament starts tomorrow, so get your brackets in quickly. I filled out two brackets this year and if I can figure out how to export from turbotourney, I will post them here. I won Round 1 in my pool last year, but then promptly crashed and burned. I have a basic strategy for filling out brackets: pick teams mostly at random or by seed, pick several upsets each region for the first round and then pick teams I like to go unreasonably far. This strategy almost worked a few years back when George Mason ended up in the Final Four, but even I didn’t have such high hopes for them then. I’ve been a little more conservative than usual this year, but any seasoned bracket-filler or serious basketball fan would fall over laughing I’m sure. Still, as my friend who runs the pool I’m in each year reminds me, it’s usually the folks who don’t know anything (or at least very little:) about basketball that do well. See cartoon below:


The idea being that folks with little knowledge of the sport or current talent in each team remain rationally ignorant and thus are able to avoid being “fooled by randomness” by not getting bogged down with too many details. Here’s to rational ignorance!:)

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