Bama’s Nannies

Reason for a proposal to require a “stun gun” license for TASERS: “I don’t want them to get in the wrong hands. I would hate to see children or teenagers having TASER parties and shooting each other,” Hurst said. Here’s the full story. Don’t get me wrong, TASERs are a weapon and not nearly as non-lethal as the company or police departments would have you believe, but just as gun licensing and registration have not slowed or prevented guns from getting into the hands of criminals, licensing TASERs will do nothing to prevent kids who want to have “TASER parties” from getting them or even prevent criminals from getting them. What it will do is create another layer of bureaucracy and give police officers another reason to harass otherwise law-abiding citizens. If you can’t tell, I think the “Taser parties” rationale is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The very few kids that this might appeal to…, well, let’s just call it natural selection. Via Shana via Loretta Nall.

In other nannying news, some Alabama Baptists are opposed to a proposed wine trail, similar to those in California’s wine regions, designed to show off the diverse wines made here. Vintners have discussed building new wineries as part of the trail, which have been strongly opposed by some Baptist groups here. “We are on record as being opposed to any kind of alcohol-related industry,” said the Rev. Robert Griffin, moderator of the Chilton Baptist Association and pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Clanton. “I would support visiting old, historic churches, but as far as visiting wineries…” I have no problem with folks being teetotalers and encouraging others to do the same, but these folks have no problem using zoning rules and legislative bodies to prevent others from enjoying alcohol if they choose.

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  1. 1 Dave Krueger

    After having such success with the sex toy ban, the Alabama legislature has, from now on, accepted full responsibility for all decision making by everyone in the state. Henceforth, privately owned decisions will be banned and subject to stiff penalty.

    And, the only kind of “party” that will be tolerated is of the political variety, and only two of those are allowed (and only if they’re nearly the same).

  2. 2 Dave Krueger

    That should have been

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