Self-deprecating and insightful humor. I haven’t posted on this yet mainly because I’m too busy reading and laughing at the comic genius of one Christian Lander, who has parlayed the runaway success of his blog into a book deal. Congrats and keep up the good work!

A few favorites:

Religions that their parents don’t belong to.


Outdoor Performance Clothes.

Wes Anderson Movies.

3 Responses to “Stuff white people who like “Stuff White People Like” like”  

  1. 1 Kakki

    Man Thomas, I should really be reading your blog more. I love that website…you should read some of the recent ones – I especially like the free healthcare one. And a great old one is eating in ethnic restaurants.

  2. 2 tom

    I’ve been telling everyone that for a while, Kakkalak:) SWPL is truly a fantabulous blog! I’m pacing myself at about 10 posts a day, so I should get through all of them sometime soon:)

  3. 3 kevin

    I can’t believe you haven’t read all these yet. I still buy Nikes.

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