Weekend links

From Alina:

Cheesiest love songs.

Blackberry peach crisp recipe.

From Rachael:
Cookie Monster reflects—a classic from McSweeney’s.

Best. amateur. light. saber. short. ever.

From Kevin:

Power and Hydrogen from algae!

Protestant theology and finances.

From Shaun:

6 word novels.

Lazy criminal.

From Jacob:

Prince William woos his lady like George Bush woos the Navy.

Guillermo Del Toro will direct The Hobbit. If you’ve seen The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth, or even Hellboy, you know this is a good thing.

From Dan:

Phantom voting on the grocery tax bill.

Langford has a not horrible idea for once.

From Tim:

Code, Law and Spontaneous Order.

Law isn’t really “law” either.

From Radley:

Sean Mullins has written a ballad for Kathryn Johnston, the 92-year old Atlanta woman killed in a wrong-door Swat raid.

Radley’s coverage of the Johnston raid.

From Reason.TV:

I want a bacon-wrapped hot dog!

From Marginal Revolution:

One word: Seasteading.

Alright, go, you’ve stayed your hour. Just kidding. I’ll have more for you sometime this weekend.

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