In light of this, I was sorely tempted to post some Tenacious D this week. (In that vein, check out this post on the economics of bigfoot and UFOs). Also, I missed the passing of Isaac Hayes. Despite his adherence to a sci-fi religion, the man was definitely a paladin of funky grooves.

But, with his recent passing, the choice for the triumphant return of WW was clear: the Georgia Wild Man, Mr. Jerry Reed. Here’s a tribute by Reason’s Jesse Walker from aught five that just about sums it up:

Let me say this firmly, with no room for quibbles or dissent: Jerry Reed is the coolest motherf****r who ever walked the planet. You think he’s just a goofball who recorded some novelty records and drove a truck in Smokey and the Bandit? Then listen to the way he performs each song: He’s always an actor as well as a singer, not to mention a dynamo guitarist. Listen to the way he jumps easily from country to blues to swampy funk-rock, from funny tall tales to love songs to political numbers so witty you almost forget he’s making a point. Listen to that LAUGH, son. Jerry Reed kicks ass.

Without further ado, Here’s “Alabama Jubilee”:

Lagniappe tracks: Guitar Man, Tennessee Stud (w/ Chet Atkins who declared that Jerry was better at fingerpicking than he was) and Wabash Cannonball. Heck listen to as many of his tracks as you can find.

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    Amos Moses is awesome!

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