Raw (milk) is War!

Raw is War (pace wrestling fans) when it comes to unpasteurized milk for human consumption. Mark Nolt, a Pennsylvania dairy farmer, has been repeatedly harassed by state health officials for selling unpasteurized cow milk to consumers who believe that they derive health benefits from his products. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all Pennsylvania dairy regulations don’t have any exceptions for folks who are knowingly willing to take that risk and drink unpasteurized milk. Health nannies are unconcerned with personal choice when it comes to ensuring that folks follow their decrees for “the good of everyone.”

My friend Jacob Grier penned an excellent defense of raw milk consumption for Reason awhile back, which includes the opening salvo in the saga of Mark Nolt.

Here’s another good article on the milk wars by John Schwenkler.

This whole issue reminds me of this short story, which doesn’t seem as far-fetched now as when it was written in 1978.

Looking for raw milk (or cheese, yoghurt, cream, butter, etc.) in your state? Go here, but don’t tell anyone I told you so:)

Full disclosure: I have consumed raw milk (and cheese) of the goat and cow varieties with no ill effects.

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  1. 1 Jason D.

    Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. I love my raw milk!!

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