All apologies for being MIA these last few weeks. I’ve been getting things sorted and dealing with a hurt back and procrastinating as usual. I hope this post will herald a much-needed return to the blogosphere, but as anyone who has read Lost in the Cosmos can attest (at least those who didn’t skip the lengthy semiotics section:), re-entry is a difficult thing indeed. Of course, Percy was referring to re-entering “normal” life after creating a masterpiece, but I digress…

This week’s (or rather month’s) WW will feature the Allman Brothers because I recently saw them in concert with Phil Lesh and Friends here in Birmingham. I actually enjoyed Phil Lesh and Friends (basically the remaining members of the Grateful Dead in case you didn’t know) more than the Allmans, but having seen neither before in concert (though I definitely saw the Derek Trucks Band who opened for the Allmans at City Stages a couple of years back and may have seen part of the Allman’s set), I thought both bands did a good job. Several of my friends were disappointed with the Allman’s show because they played newer stuff and hardly dipped into their old catalogue with the notable exception of Midnight Rider and a very long version (yes, longer than the studio version’s 34 minutes!) of Mountain Jam. I found it hard to criticize the even though their set was shorter than I would’ve liked. It’s difficult enough for regular folks to avoid being trapped in their own persona; I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who entertain for a living and are expected to “play the hits” or say a particular catchphrase over and over. I guess money might help to assuage that feeling of being trapped in the characters you create but at some point it must feel like everyone is screaming “dance monkey dance” every time they see you and that has to be one of the most frustrating things in the world. Well now I’ve gone completely off the reservation and done something uncharacteristic of what you’ve come to expect from a WW:) Without further ado, then, here’s one of my favorite Allman songs (and one they didn’t play), “Melissa”:

And for lagniappe this week, let’s do the Dead’s only number one hit: “Touch of Grey” and the Allman’s instrumental: “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” and what the heck, here’s another version of “Melissa

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  1. 1 marc

    the dilemma of a touring band. the rap on the allman brothers used to be they played a very little repertoire on tour. i saw them twice in 2007 and the sets overlapped about 80%, since that point due to the influence of warren haynes and derek trucks they have become more experimental with the music, and for many of the jam band scene that is a good thing. however as you pointed out less devoted and more mainstream followers expect hits all the time. wrong band wrong show.

    as for phil lesh and friends, phil is the only original member of the Grateful Dead in this band. bob weir, billy kreutzmann and mickey hart have their own projects. in fact the four of them just played together for the first time in 4 years in a benefit for obama last week in pennyslvania.

    by the way… nice write-up

  2. 2 tom

    Good analysis. Thanks Marc!

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