Shameless self-promotion

One of the perqs of being a volunteer at this year’s Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, apart from meeting fantastic people and learning a bit about film festivals and indie films was a kind shoutout from one of our distinguished jurors, Mr. Eric Campos of filmthreat. From now on feel free to address me as “Captain All Over It”:)

Here’s the relevant excerpt from his excellent festival wrap-up:

Touched down in Birmingham early evening on Thursday and so officially began my fifth year at Sidewalk. We were soon greeted by a friendly face that would become very familiar as the fest continued throughout the weekend – this was Thomas, Sidewalk volunteer, festival van driver and all-around awesome guy. At some point during the weekend, I’m unsure exactly when or why, but I was informed that I had coined the term “Captain All Over It.” It is now that I would like to knight Thomas as the official “Captain All Over It” for his consistent awesomeness throughout the festival. You could hear people singing his praises far and wide.

Sorry for posting so late and for tooting my own horn as it were, but it’s not every day that one gets a shoutout like that.

Thanks Eric!

2 Responses to “Shameless self-promotion”  

  1. 1 Jason

    That’s great bud. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. 2 tom

    Jason, your love and sarcasm are heartfelt and welcome:)

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