All hail Akismet?

As some of you know, I’ve been getting deluged with massive amounts of spam comments that up until yesterday, I was sorting through by hand because my publishing ware’s (wordpress) default spam moderator doesn’t seem to have any sort of spam recognition function. Instead, it just dumps all comments into a moderation queue until you sort them into legitimate or spam. To combat having to wade through hundreds of comments each time I log in, I have installed Akismet, also by the same folks who provide wordpress (i think), to actually filter out spam comments. Akismet maintains a spam database and compares all incoming comments with that db to root out duplicate spam messages.

Hopefully, this will work to eliminate most of the comment spam this site receives. However, I really appreciate legitimate comments and don’t want those to get caught up by Akismet. So, for the next few times you (a real person who is actually referring to something in the post not the tooth-whitening cream you’re selling from an outpost in Siberia) post a comment, please make sure that it is published. If you don’t see your comment, please email me: pintpundit (at) gmail-DOT-com. Given that “kismet” is either a comic book character or an inexorable twist of fate, this little experiment could be very successful or fail miserably, my efforts to the contrary notwithstanding. Either way, it’s worth a shot.

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