Warblin’ Wednesdays: Major Maker

I’m ashamed that it’s taken me so long to make my favorite Icelandic-Canadian rockstar, Lindy Vopnfjord (try saying that three times fast:), the subject of a WW. Lindy is one half of the indie rock duo that make up Major Maker. I met Lindy last summer at the Liberty Summer Seminar. Among other things, Lindy is very tall and also the author and performer of the official LSS theme song. Here’s another version.

Major Maker is blowing up in the “Great White North” aka Canadia because Lindy and his bandmate Todor compose what can only be described as pop magic. For our WW main selection, here’s “I’m in Love”:

For lagniappe, try: Window (very clever video concept) and Rollercoaster, a song you may have heard if you listen to Sirius’ Iceberg channel.

On Tuesday, Major Maker released their new Funky Lady EP, including the eponymous single: “Funky Lady.”
Pick up the EP at Apple iTunes and preview it and other great tracks here.

Thanks to my good friend Peter for gifting me w/ the Funky Lady EP! It’s starting out to to be a merry Christmas indeed!

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  1. 1 Xaq Fixx

    Lindy is my favorite Icelandic-Canadian rockstar as well!!

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