Infuriating things

People who fail to use merge lanes and/or treat yield signs as stop signs.

Look, I understand that not every yield sign has a merge lane accompanying it and in that case you may have to stop at the yield sign during high traffic. However, many, if not most, of the yield signs in the Greater Birmingham Area do indeed have merge lanes. In these cases, the driver should treat such lanes as he or she would an interstate access ramp to regulate speed and smoothly merge into traffic.

Many folks can’t seem to understand this and stop at every yield sign until they can speed quickly into a break in traffic. Not only is this harder on your car, but it is less safe than using a merge lane because there is less time for the other traffic to see what you’re doing. Plus, the folks behind you expecting you to use the merge lane as intended are more likely to run into you when you come to an abrupt halt.

In 2009, lets do other drivers a favor and drive like people who know what they’re doing.

Here’s another good driving tip.

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  1. 1 shaun

    This regularly pisses me off as well.

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