Reason continues their excellent series with this piece on the craft beer revolution in these here united states:

Speaking of the craft brew revolution, Beer Wars, hits theaters next month! Here’s a sample:

In some states, though, craft brewers are behaving badly. Michelle Minton reports that craft brewers in Colorado are opposing measures that would allow higher alcohol beer to be sold in grocery and convenience stores for fear that the big boys will crowd out the market and drive them out of business. Note to everyone: Equality before the law is essential to preserve your freedom to live your life. Stop trying to use the law as a bludgeon to cripple your competition or insulate yourself from things you don’t happen to like.

Jacob, who is a better beer blogger than I am, points to this Tim Harford column on how a Guinness brewer made a huge contribution to the field of statistics. Guinness has also set up a handy site to help you fight beer tax increases in your state. Speaking of taxes, Jacob also notes the hypocrisy of beer lovers who support tobacco taxes.

I missed this too, but 60 Minutes recently had a great segment on lowering the drinking age.

Sean Higgins, permanent guest blogger a relates this tale of a dedicated employee who risked his life for beer. The beer I might risk my life for doesn’t come in 36-packs, but dude gets an A for effort.

And, of course, if you live here in Bama, please contact your state senator and encourage him or her to do everything possible to get the Gourmet Beer Bill passed.

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