So, I just caved and joined twitter. My first tweet: “Note to Michael Calderone: JournoList and JList are very different.” I know, it should have been hello world, but since i don’t have any followers, I figured I would put something else out there even though that still means I’m talking to empty space. I’m used to talking w/ empty space:) In case you want to follow me (my updates will be few and far between), I’m pintpundit, natch.

Props to Jacob for the video above.

If you’re easily offended, I would avoid searching for JList–they advertise at The Onion and let’s just say anyone with a smattering of sci-fi/anime knowledge ought to be able to tell from the ads that all is not wholesome goodness over at JList. You have been warned.

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    Welcome to twitterville

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