Eminent Domain abuse in NYC threatens award-winning neighborhood saloon:

More here and here.

Another gentle reminder to keep calling and emailing your state representatives and senators urging them to support the Alabama Brewery Modernization Act (Free the Hops’ legislative effort for this session) and the Homebrew Legalization Act (not an FTH effort, but of course they wholeheartedly support it.) As always, keep informed and active by visiting the FTH blog and join FTH if you haven’t yet.

FTH founder Danner Kline reviews Sam Adams’ Noble Pils and Schneider and Sohn’s Aventinus.

Danner also Buzzed the following three stories:

Anti-alcohol ads drive folks to drink.

Dr. Seuss did ad illustrations for Narragansatt Brewing Co. and has a rich family history of brewing.

Booze that won’t give you a hangover.

Xaq pointed me to this post by Eric Crampton. Evidently, a study of beer yeast (for the purpose of ruining Germany’s beer industry by developing a superior brew!) is what led Louis Pasteur to discover the germ theory of disease.

Oyster stout? Yes, please.

California ABC sez to bar owners: “I do what I want!

Cheeky, a new restaurant opening just outside of Atlanta on Monday, will feature PYOB. Yup, Pour Your Own Beer.

I promise that I have lots of non-links posts waiting in the wings. I’ve just been too busy to put on the finishing touches. Til then, enjoy!

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